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Sunday 3rd May
Heyy  =D

well its only 12:45 so cant really call it sunday yet but my blog will so supose i will too!!

yesterday.. technichaly today =S was gddd =D i was doing housework all day cleaning like crazy.. i took three diet pills (=S) so i had loadsss of energy and was buzzing around the house hopefully burning loadss of calss =D.. and i ate 250 cals which im really happy with =D

i hope its made up for friday because that was awfull!! i just b/p all day and by the end of the day i was just binging i dont know what happend to me it was just like my mind was numb and i just kept eating and eating.. i feel sick when i think about it now! 2000 cals i recon if not more! =(

im trying to think positive though.. maybe it boosted my metabolism.. and saturday was gdd and today will be too =D

im going out to town tonight..well sunday night - this thing is really confusing me about whether to call it today or tomorrow =S and i got housework still to do so hopefully i will be busy cleaning and then too busy geting ready and getting excited to even think about food =D

I made this collage kinda thing.. i love being creative like this and thought it was pretty good so decided to share it with you =D was going to post it on AQ but thought i best not incase its seen as thinspo or trigering!

its not ment to be either, its just a reflection of how i feel i supose.. i think this is what my thoughts would look like if they could be seen...

i hope it shows up ok.. looks a bit blury on here =S


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it lost loads of the great detail when i uploaded it.. shame =(

(Deleted comment)
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