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Saturday 11th April

Felt amazing when i woke up this morning had no appetite at all which was greatt!! but i went bowling with the family and had a meal out afterwards which kind of recked it.. had a hot chicken salad though and nothing else all day so im not feeling too bad.

The boyfriend has been horible all week..was soo down today and yesterday cant stop thinking about it and crying pretty much constantly apart from when im drinking STRONGGG because ive been thinking about him havent even thought about food much which is gddd.. hopefully tomorrow will go okk.. mums doing a bigg dinner for easter but im hoping to fill my plate with veg and complain of an upset tummy and have nothing else for the rest of the day.. and tomorrow nite HOPEFULLY get my mates out in town n drink, sniff and dance till i pass out!! HOPEFULLY finally get him out of head!!!




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